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8 decembrie 2011

12 august 2011

Illustrations: books

Two of a kind.
Ink and marker on coloured paper.

First I drew this one. Loved the books but the kitty looked weird.

So I drew this one and I inserted a little friend. Better!
(reference for the kitty:

28 iulie 2011

Withered lilac and a book

One spring afternoon
Two compositions: the same arrangement, different perspective

Acrylics on paper, 30x30 cm:

Black marker on paper, 30x30 cm

15 aprilie 2011


Picture by:

Ink and watercolor pencils

Ink on coloured paper

16 ianuarie 2011

Would you?

4B and mechanical pencils on A5 paper.
I started it as a sketch, but I finished it as a fairly detailed drawing.

21 decembrie 2010

Tristeti si altele

A4, graphite

They tell me you are better off
Where you are now
Well, I don't care
They tell me that your pain is gone
Where you are now
Well, you left it here
(Pain of salvation)